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CLK Bumper Removal & Repair
CLK Clock Light Problem
A Pantload of Error Codes, and it's the brake light switch.
CLK OBD2 'ME' Diagnostic. Yep, it's the brake light switch.
CLK Repairing / Replacing the Brake Light Switch
CLK has 2 Diagnostic Interfaces, OBD2 and 38 Pin
CLK OBD2 Break Out Box, $150+
CLK OBD2 Break Out Box, Parts $30.29, Build It.
CLK Headlight H7 Bulb Replacement
Where is that fuse in this CLK ?
CLK Headlights. Could a set of W210 lights be modded to a CLK, hmm?
Do I need an OBD2 Break Out Box, BOB ?
CLK ODB2 Multiplexer Port
CLK New Spark Plugs
CLK How Do I Get This Big Plastic Cover Off Of My Engine ?
Help Me Find One Of These Rims: Sport Edition Tekno 8x18
New Gizmo, Diagnostic Multiplexer
Diagnostic Error Code 0455 System Regeneration leak / Tank Pressure sensor
Replacing the Plugs
Replacing the Air Filters and Cleaning the MAF
Replacing the Blower Regulator & Cabin Filter.
Repairing a Broken Exhaust Flange
Repairing a Leaking Valve Cover Vent
Nothing here